Denden Tour

In the events where we offer perfect service in high quality standards, you can make personal or institutional concept preferences as you wish and the organization can operate in accordance with the chosen concept.

  • Bosphorus tour 
    (with or without meal, cocktail)
  • Tour of the islands
  • Black Sea tour
  • Swimming tours
  • Night tours
  • Transfers 
    (for rapid transit purposes)
  • Special events 
    (marriage proposals with laser beams and birthday celebrations, classical Turkish music, belly dancing, henna evenings, engagement and wedding events)
  • Company, Franchise, launch meetings
  • Special tentative events 
    (Events special to the month of Ramadan, New Year’s Day, Valentine's Day, October 29 (Republic Day), April 23 (the Great National Assembly Day)... / Chronological events are designed as periodic in accordance with personal demands.)
  • Music, entertainment and shows 
    ( With dj’s in line with the concept of the organizations ,fascinating songs from small classical Turkish music groups and singers, belly dance performances, entertainers your tours will be even more colorful.)
  • DJ Banu Candemir; is always with you with her lively dj sets.