Rize is the capital city of Rize Province in the eastern part of the Black Sea Region of Turkey.

The name comes from Greek ριζα (riza) or Ριζαίον (Rizaion)[citation needed], meaning "mountain slopes".[3] In modern times, its name in Greek was usually Ριζούντα (Rizounta). Its Latin forms are Rhizus and Rhizaeum, the latter of which is used in the Catholic Church's list of titular sees as the name of bishopric of the town, which was once part of the lateRoman province of Pontus Polemoniacus[4]). In the Ottoman period, it was called Rize (ريزه). The Armenian name is Rize (Ռիզե), the Georgian name is Rize (რიზე), Laz name is Rizini